Her style, her smile, caught my attention

She fine as crime with a dime mix with it

Her eyes tell a tale, she ain’t tell many

Her lies I can tell make her heart empty

She dance to express just how she feeling

I sing and rap so girl I get it

Black hair, brown eyes, black intentions

Enriched melanin, know your black wisdom

From out of state to a place to raise your children

Out of space alien but now you’re a citizen

Island girl but your friends Dominican

You my world… but let me go get it again

I got a lot to do, but still I choose to rock with you, and stick like glue

Through ups and downs I see the truth and I salute, our loves obtuse

It’s not acute to call you cute is the half truth, so why would I, when you I do

You drip drop when you see your pop, call me daddy, calling shots cost me a lot

Grinding heavy, cus the top is my parking spot, on 95 everything like around block

Low key, slow ride it like you a seen a cop

Now go hard go fast, like we heard a shot

A little ri with some bae, berry, and fox-y

Mi likes when the pipe burst on the pipe, Si

See, I Like even twice more is her mind

She like a rude boy but her body nice

Me goin, in ya sea and I see its tight

Thick legs, curly hair like curly fries

Your hips, your breast,

They supersize

What you post no caption still captures sight

All the skin that you show to cover what you hide

Don’t waste your time, with things that blind, just move your waste and your behind

Put things aside, yet go rewind

Camon camon I rock the boat, I work the middle…

I caught the vibe I felt the riddim…

I heard your battle cry…

Your eyes, drives, me buck wild I’ll admit it

I’ll kill, I’ll fight, I’ll die for ya mission

Feel like ima alive when ima up in it

Put it all on the line for whats God given

I heard you cry, I see your forgiveness

I watched you hurt, and grow like children

I wore your pain, to change your conditions

I’ll fight your war, and cherish your friendship

You take your time, you know your why, you aim so high

There’s no disguise, your tears are dry, you heard the lies

I rock the boat, I work the middle…

I caught the vibe I felt the riddim…

I heard your battle cry

I know you had a lot of pressure, heard the rumors heard the lectures

Had ya battles and ya lessons – still you get up and address it, it’s driving you out ya mind

What you looking for ain’t extra, but it’s scarce and it’s precious

Like some water in the dessert, don’t be thirsty go and get it, let it drip all down ya spine

You can switch it you can work it, get off work, start twerking

Let us know you put that work in, cus you loose cus u deserving, so you wine to unwind

Where ya goin, what you doin, come with me, yea I’m choosing, player cards I ain’t loosing,

I’ma beat it til its bruising, call it a crime

Waited my life for this, just get a lil taste, tell me can you handle that

Before we jump off this bridge, let me cut my wrist, and let me break your back

To summarize how life is, we either fighting each other or victimizing being black

Before I can show my kids, let me get a lil nib, let me get a dab

I heard her Battle Cry

Before I took her to the promise land

I heard a battle cry

So I tightened grips on her hand, like a rubber band

Written and Copyrighted by Julian ‘Soulo’ Smith

Song Stream Link: HERE

Instrumental License Link: HERE

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