Let’s take a stroll..

What’s on your soul?

Sometimes it’s hard.. 

When all your pain.

Your fears and scars..

Come down like rain..

And flood your heart.. 

And when it clear, somehow restarts

That open door not what you lookin for..

Somebody died, another gone..

Your family sick.. need to stay strong..

You got your own problems going on..

You hate your job, it’s drugs at home..

You got bills, your student loans,

You need help, you feel alone..

You scream to God, you think he did you wrong..

Life is Bittersweet 

Bi-tt-er Sweeet

Yea Yea

When I first wake up I pray to God,

Then ride around base – head nod- 

I got one hand on the steering wheel, 

I got the hand other on my cock, 

I scream fuck the world, and then why not, 

To much trouble up on my block, 

It’s hard to trust law and I’m still ducking cops

Feel like the hate masked and the crime won’t stop, 

I ain’t never want violence between my squad, 

Over music, over women, over jealousy or gwap, 

Life ain’t always pretty..I’m still asking why.. 

I ain’t look at life the same after Nipsey Hussle died.. 

A lot of things in this life still don’t make sense

How we get this far but we still ain’t make it, 

Until revelation, but before it comes in, 

Zion told me to bless you with this hymn 


Rest In Peace..  (martyrs of hate crime)

I know that love, care and joy and more is in the recipe (to a better a life)

Now I understand (from this traveling to this music land)

The power of the father, playing drums in my band.. (And he don’t use no hands) 

Oh- God- Oh God..

Gotta buckle up .. incase you fuck it up..

In case you fall off,  Be ready to pick it up

Like picking cotton.. I mean a stick up, 

Oh, life knocked you down you better upper cut.. 

Imagine the hardest thing for you suck it up

I struggle too.. I just don’t give up..

Arguments, pain, hits, stab, kicks, haters- I don’t give a fuck..

I know where I’m going.. I knew where I’m from..

Life showed me through the veil some

Things I don’t wanna see again – Um.. 

I left some trails with these bread crumbs

Been a grown as man, since I was young

With the world in my hand and on my tongue..

Tasted the juices, it fucking stung..

Life Bittersweet 

Bi-tt-er Sweeet

Yea Yea


To many things coming after me..

One minute have the world, your majesty..

Next second learned a lesson from catastrophe 

I feel like the chip on my shoulder, getting colder, so I threw it in the toaster, I’ma eat it when it’s over

Roger that, like a soldier, ain’t believe me when I told ya,

Here I told ya..

There’s no after me, no before, not even next to me

Unless you are my family.. narrowing down all the friends of me..

I just may hire my enemies..

That’s Bittersweet

Written and Copyrighted by Julian ‘Soulo’ Smith

Stream Bittersweet: https://open.spotify.com/track/3aERXLnT4WLFg3vPVuChuB

Bittersweet’s Instrumental: https://library.soulosmith.com/bittersweet/

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