Love Me No More

We used to talk every day on the phone I used to help you when a lot was going on Young puppy love now it’s dead since we’re grown I tried to txt you and you didn’t write back When you ain’t pick up used to hit me right back I never been the type of guy to get swerved  Last time we spoke feel like I got on your nerves Now we both […]


Let’s take a stroll.. What’s on your soul? Sometimes it’s hard..  When all your pain. Your fears and scars.. Come down like rain.. And flood your heart..  And when it clear, somehow restarts That open door not what you lookin for.. Somebody died, another gone.. Your family sick.. need to stay strong.. You got your […]

Battle Cry

Her style, her smile, caught my attention She fine as crime with a dime mix with it Her eyes tell a tale, she ain’t tell many Her lies I can tell make her heart empty She dance to express just how she feeling I sing and rap so girl I get it Black hair, brown […]

Close Calls

I don’t waste time no more Nice guy but the world turned me cold Made a left thought it was the right road Lookin back like where the fuck did I go Lose a bitch over chasing after doe I ain’t never lose a bro over hoe Maybe once but that shit ain’t have to […]